The E-Z Trainer and Universal Trainer. Safety with Teaching Tips by means of our Booklet and partnership in teaching DVD's.

NEW! Universal Trainer

Press Release


Introduces their new training aid.

“Universal Trainer”

Now young children can ride on ANY bike with the all-new Wheels-4-Tots patent pending Universal Trainer. Whether the child’s bike is a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or any import 50cc entry-level motorcycle, the Universal Trainer training wheels will allow the whole family to ride!
The Universal Trainer adjusts to the riders’s skill level and weight, providing a safe learning environment for first-time riders. Now you can truly have “one unit” that meets the demands of the training wheel market, for all types of entry-level motorcycles.

You are never too young to ride!

About Wheels-4-Tots: Wheels-4-Tots has been recognized over the past 9 years for understanding how young riders learn and providing quality, safe, market-leading, mid-mount motorcycle training wheels.

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