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Powder Coating is a form of painting metal that has a harder, longer lasting surface finish. For example, most farm implements are powder coated to hold up to outdoor use. This same process is used for many after-market and custom four-wheeler/motorcycle frames and accessories.

This information has been provided to you as evidence that Wheels-4-Tots maintains the highest quality products using the best processes available.

If you would like more information on having items Powder Coated, please contact us and we will provide you with quotes, color samples and any other information you may need. Included below are examples of finished products that have been powder coated.

Oven and batch spray booth used for Powder Coating.

The batch spray booth is designed for dry spraying such as powder.
Objects are sprayed and then rolled into the oven for baking.

The oven bakes the paint onto the metal causing it to liquefy.
Within 20 minutes it cures into a smooth hard surface.

Bike trailer Powder Coated with a chrome smoke frame,
Gloss White fenders & Navy Blue bike rails. Good looking trailer.

Customer has hauled his bike around all summer and it hasn't shown any wear on the finish.

Handles Powder Coated Iridescent Amethyst.

This is the set of the nurf bars Powder Coated Silver Vien.
This finish has a textured look.

Frame of this YZ250F is Powder Coated High Reflective Chrome.
You can almost see your reflection.

Top Triple clamp of a YZ250. It is Powder Coated with High Gloss Black.

Custom Harley gas tank spacers Powder Coated Black.
You can see that the Powder even gets inside openings for a good coverage.

Custom Harley spacers Powder Coated High Reflective Chrome.
You can see the reflection.

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