The E-Z Trainer and Universal Trainer. Safety with Teaching Tips by means of our Booklet and partnership in teaching DVD's.

Here are some links that show a variety of motorcycles we produce training wheels for.
Other links associated with the power sports industry are also provided.

Honda XR/CRF-50. Our unit also fits the older Z-50.

Yamaha PW-50.

Suzuki JR-50.

Kawasaki KDX-50.

KTM Mini-Adventure (oil injected) SX-50.

LEM LX1-50.

Alpha Sport AX-50.

Husqvarna Boy-50.

Midwest Motorcycles

Open Road Radio.

Windwalkers Motorcycles of Naperville

If you would like to add a link dealing with kids riding or mini-motorcycling, contact us and we will prusue the possibility of its addition.

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