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Wheels-4-Tots manufactures and distributes motorcycle training wheels known as the E-Z Trainer. We provide the "ultimate" in child-education and safety while allowing them to have fun with their motorcycle. Wheels-4-Tots engineers, develops, and produces this patented product with only the best materials and craftsmanship (see Production). Training your children to ride their first motorcycle is quite exciting and intimidating at the same time. Let Wheels-4-Tots provide you with the product and support your child needs to really take advantage and thrive on their first motorcycle! When it comes to first time riders, there are two things you want to guard them from, pain and unfortunate memories. A young rider's initial experience with a bike should not be painful nor scary. If either is the case, the motorcycle will become a threat and its use will be terminated for quite some time. To avoid the two fears, thousands of parents have chosen to start their children out correctly and slowly with training wheels that work from Wheels-4-Tots.

Concerned about the speed of your kids motorcycle? Don't be. Most mini-motorcycles have some sort of governing system where YOU control your child's speed...without sacrificing balance and safety. The motorcycle training wheels engineered and built by Wheels-4-Tots, Inc. are best suited for automatic clutch mini-motorcycles. They are designed and marketed as a "first bike" training apparatus. With Wheels4Tots, your child can experience "tons of fun" and "safe riding." We guarantee that the "smile and excitement" on your child's face will be more than the satisfaction you thought possible.


E-Z Trainer motorcycle training wheels, produced by Wheels-4-Tots, provides a learning environment that is "more safe" for your younger rider. It is designed to get the most quality, safety, and fun riding time out of your "automatic clutch mini-motorcycle." As long as your child understands the concept of the throttle and hand brakes, and your child's "toy" is used under proper parent supervision, the sky is the limit! You decide the proper age and speed you want your child to learn at.


E-Z Trainer is easily added and removed without any evidence that it was ever there at all! How simple, yet safe, to convert between rider abilities. Take it off for more experienced and older siblings and attach it back on for your beginner riders. You can't go wrong!

Type of Bikes Suited for E-Z Trainer:

Mini-motorcycles, such as Yamaha PW 50, Honda XR50, Honda Z50, Honda CRF 50, Kawasaki KDX 50, and Suzuki JR 50 are made stock, ready to ship next day. Other bikes such as KTM Mini Adventure, Husquarna Boy50, Alpha Sport AX50, LEM LX1 and Midwest's Jincheng Lynx 50 are sold in limited quantities and subject to different pricing. Special orders are made upon request, but different shipping and pricing guidelines also apply. For more information, please contact us. Our training wheels are only recommended for novice riders. If you have a MX style two-stroke automatic, or has advanced suspension, E-Z Trainer is not recommended.


You decide! We have enabled children to learn at a much slower speed. The child's interest, as well as parental choice and consideration, decides the age. If your child can understand the concept of the throttle and brake, and understand that they need to avoid obstacles, it is possible for them to ride with the use of the E-Z Trainer.


E-Z Trainer costs $159.99 for all models plus tax (only in IN) shipping and handling. Contact us for special orders.

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