The E-Z Trainer and Universal Trainer. Safety with Teaching Tips by means of our Booklet and partnership in teaching DVD's.

The EZ-Trainer

Our company strives to improve the abilities of younger riders while helping to educate and promote their involvement in the sport. Our patented E-Z Trainers are truly “Training Wheels that Work” and have made it possible for children to start riding at an earlier age. E-Z Trainer has given thousands of children quality “seat time” to develop important riding skills while offering parents complete confidence and satisfaction.

Riders are encouraged to venture off-road on different types of terrain never thought possible before. Let the next generation of riders have positive first-time experiences that will keep them coming back for more. If you want to get the most out of your rider and your bike, you need the accessory that will never let them down, the E-Z Trainer by WHEELS-4-TOTS. Suggested retail: $159.99


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